Speaker Biography

Kateleen Foy, ATR-BC, CLAT
Newport Healthcare

Kateleen Foy’s father was diagnosed with mental health issues when she was very young, and she grew up watching him paint and use art materials when he was having symptoms. By watching him cope with his mental health in a safe and expressive way, she was inspired to pursue a career in art therapy. In her personal studies, Kateleen focused on photography which has served as a very therapeutic process in her own life. She is heavily influenced by art therapy pioneers Judith Rubin and Cathy Malchiodi for their substantial research contributions to the field. Kateleen has attended and help to organize expressive art therapy summits in New York City and Los Angeles on an annual basis. In her opinion, she excels at helping others express themselves when using words is difficult.She views art as a bridge to overcome trauma, and it provides a safe space for the healing process. Prior to joining Newport Academy, she earned her master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy from The Pratt Institute and worked in the inpatient unit for Telecare Corporation as an art therapist. During her time in the Northern California facility, she ran group and community meetings, performed individual assessments, and organized gatherings for clients and their families


Courses Offered

An Overview of Art Therapy for Trauma Treatment